Solution to Fill out Your IRS Forms – How to Guide

When tax season is near at hand, it’s time to think about your reports and put together all your income in order to file tax returns correctly. In theory, there is plenty of time to sit, check everything thoroughly and complete all IRS forms. But at the core, everything is not like that. If you think that everybody does their reporting issues according to a plan, and you are the only person who can’t deal with it, you’ll be surprised that you’re not alone. Data based on IRS statistic argues that in 2015 21.5 million Americans waited till the last day or leastwise the last week to submit their tax returns.

Delaying of document management often occurs because people find it boring, unpleasant, frustrating, exhausting, complicated (underline as appropriate). But making calculations and completing forms in the very last moment may cause numerous errors and bring far bigger problems than paperwork. Luckily, there is a variety of digital tools that make the filing procedure as much easier as possible. Their features are designed specifically to help taxpayers streamline the income report submission and avoid errors. Website prepared a guide on how to fill out your tax forms.

How to Complete an IRS Form

There are plenty of tax documents intended for various cases, so we will review two of the most popular ones – W-2 and 1099-MISC. You can complete them with the help of the PDF editor and sign using an electronic signature if the solution has the option. Here is a list of examples that can be utilized:

  1. Adobe Acrobat
  2. PDFfiller
  3. PDFelement
  4. Sejda
  5. FormSwift
  6. PDF Pro Editor
  7. Inkspace
  8. PDFescape
  9. ApowerPDF
  10. PDF-XChange Editor
  11. SignNow

They provide numerous features for their users, so which one is the most convenient is up to your choice. Let’s look at what generally we can do using the services.

  1. You have to find the blank template. Usually, they are hosted right on the Internal Revenue Service website and are free to download. Or, there is an option to use the blank from the library of the PDF editing solution.
  2. Add interactive fields in order get the fillable template. For example, W-2 requires text boxes and checkboxes. When preparing it as an employer, you add details demanded from you and the fields for the employee remain empty. There are more possible types of fields like date, signature or radiobuttons. Their availability depends on the information necessary for the blank. If you got the template from the library, it already has fillable areas, so you don’t have to do it manually.
  3. Adjust the fields and make them convenient to fill out. For example, add pre-filled text if data of the recipient is known well enough to you. This will help to reduce errors because there will be an opportunity to check it several times. Also, you can set a field for a piece of certain information. Indicate that the field is for the US currency in the cells intended for amounts and the recipient will be able to enter this type of information only.
  4. Make a blank reusable. This feature is useful when you have many employees and all they have to receive their example. Not to repeat the procedure of uploading the IRS form, do it once and create a template that can be customized afterward.
  5. Set up notifications and reminders. When you distribute the documents to your employees, you have to be sure that they will complete tax form on time because you are responsible for their submission. Email reminders will point out that the document isn’t done, and once it’s finally ready, you will receive a notification on your email.

How to Sign a Tax Form

As far as an electronic signature is considered to be legal in the US, you are free to sign official documents and require signatures with the help of digital solutions. Almost every program for processing PDFs offers this option. However, prior to approving documents with your autograph, make sure that the software or web-solution chosen by you meets all requirements. Check the information they provide to see if the sign provided is actually legally-binding. In the rest, putting an e-signature is quite an easy procedure.

  1. To certify a document, select the respective option in the editor and put the signature in a place where it has to be. There are several ways how to create it: draw with a finger or stylus, type, capture with a camera.
  2. To get a certification from a recipient, like in the case with W-2 and 1099-MISC, there has to be a special fillable field. When you put it and distribute the document, the addressee will get a respective request.

Example of how to use e-signature you can watch in the video by PDFfiller.

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