Is There Any Need to Merge Your Documents

Some years ago it was impossible to do business without paperwork, now both business and individuals can convert document flow into electronic format. And PDF can be called an ideal format to store and share for several reasons:

  • First, it can block the formatting of the file.
  • It is also quite difficult to change, what is very useful for protecting copyrights and sharing confidential information.
  • Finally, it provides maximum data compression without the need to change the content or format it, which greatly simplifies the exchange of files.

So keep your records in PDF and enjoy the benefits of managing them.

Combine multiple files into one PDF

Here you will find useful information about one of the features you can use organizing your files: combine a few documents in one. Users, who often work with PDF data occasionally encounter a situation where it is necessary to merge the contents of several forms into a single unite. But not everyone understands where to use it and has information about how to do it in practice.

As a fact, you can use merge & combine function in different aspects of your life: doing business, tax preparing, personal usage, etc.

For example, the HR manager of the corporation needs to e-mail several papers to a new employee: an offer, an agreement, and some additional instructions. And the best way to do is to join all the documents in one and e-mail it for reference or signing. It is convenient to save, store and share when every file on a certain case arranges in one place.

In your tax preparation, you can combine and save papers into a single record, e.g., join tax forms w2 or 1099 with additional schedules or details required. In a case, you file the amendment with the IRS Form 1040X you should accompany it with adjusted schedules and proof of the changes. So, it will be convenient to merge documents all-in-one for further printing and storing.

How to combine different PDF files

When you have this specific task here are two ways to solve it: with the help of programs to download or through online platforms. Some users will have enough free features. Those who are not satisfied with the restrictions can pay and receive access to advanced features to use:

  1. Combine PDF in several modes (glue together or stir page-wise).
  2. Split PDF according to pages and bookmarks (in places with specified words) into individual files.
  3. Rotate pages (if some of them have been scanned upside down);
  4. Extract pages with specified numbers.
  5. Sort the pages in any order even after document created.
  6. Add annotations and highlight text.
  7. Edit text and other content.
  8. Encrypt documents.
  9. Convert PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats and vice versa.
  10. Send documents for signing online, submit by fax or USPS and email, etc.

That’s not all the features you can find. Some solutions are accessible on different devices: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. In most cases, the software has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and you can merge documents in few seconds.See the example of merging PDF’s online

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