How PDF Editing Tool Helps in Tax Forms Prepearing

According to the GOBanking Rates statistic, in 2016 only 34.5% of Americans used software to file their taxes digitally; 36.8% hired a specialist who filed their taxes for them. The same statistic says that the percent of those who hire accountant or alike professional grows with the age. With such a big variety of digital tools in the market, society still has problems with their document management.

Not everybody knows about how useful and helpful can be PDF editors that combine e-signature. Many people lack skills how to operate the portable document format which may lead to confusion and neglect of what may appear an efficient tool for workflow automation. No wonder that filing taxes may take hundreds of years and leave you drained and exhausted. To avoid such a pointless waste of time and make your W-2 or 1099-MISC preparation a breeze, let’s have a closer look at PDF editors. There are so many features provided by various PDF solutions that having tried them once you will never treat them the same way. We have represented several the most popular solutions allowing to work on your tax forms.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

Probably the first PDF editor you’re thinking of because the portable document format was created by Adobe at the end of the 20th century. Apart from direct text editing, its features include the following:

  1. You can convert almost anything to PDF: scanned document, HTML web-page, Microsoft files such as Word text document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. Even if you have a completed tax form in a doc. or docx. format, it can be easily turned into PDF for more secure distribution.
  2. Split a single file into several parts or merge a few documents into one.
  3. Edit text using a set of tools for its adjustments. Change size, color and style by making it bold or italics.
  4. Change text position on the page: left, right or in the center.
  5. Add comments to the documents.

Here is a video tutorial for those who want to start working with this PDF solution.


PDFfiller is a web-based document workflow solution. Among its features are:

  1. Ability to add fillable fields to make the document interactive. It is especially useful when filling out PDF tax forms. There are different types of fields: for text, for date, for signature, checkboxes and radiobuttons when you need to choose an option or several variants among the proposed ones.
  2. Require the necessary data when collecting information. This can be done by making the fillable fields required, and the person who will receive the PDF document won’t be able to complete it until all the required fields are done. Also, you can indicate what kind of information should be included. For example, a social security number.
  3. Edit the content of the file. Add the text, adjust its size and font. Redact it by erasing and highlighting. Conceal what is confidential with the help of the blackout tool.
  4. Add media objects to the file. Upload a picture from the device or make an instant shot with a camera. Attach a video link to the content or represent it as an instruction on how to file the income tax return.
  5. Add watermarks and corporate stamps to the pages of your file.
  6. When working with a big amount of similar forms, collect data from them with the help of Extract in Bulk feature. Upload the bunch of files, select what fields have to be extracted and export the whole data into the Excel spreadsheet.
  7. Certify the document with a legally-binding electronic signature in a few clicks or taps. There are several options how you can do this: type, draw with your finger or stylus and even capture an image of your signature with a web-camera. After doing that, you are free to submit official documents to the Internal Revenue Service because since the ESIGN Act adopted in 2000 use of electronic signature is absolutely lawful.
  8. Share your PDFs via email, distribute a link or embed an access button on the website.

Sejda PDF Editor

Here is what Sejda proposes to its users:

  1. It allows you to edit text and doesn’t add there a watermark. Sometimes it happens that after processing a PDF text in a program, it leaves its watermarks. This may raise questions when you’re submitting an official tax form. Sedja is not the case.
  2. There is no need to download a program – this editor works from the web.
  3. Due to the optical recognition technology (OCR), it recognizes scanned documents and converts them into editable text.
  4. Put Bates numbering on the document to give it an official look. This tool is designed to put an identification number of legal, business or medical papers. It works as approval that your PDF tax form is true and original and is not forged.
  5. Sejda offers a basic number of pages and document per day for free. As for the rest, there are two more subscription plans: a weekly one and an unlimited desktop license.

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