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Many people use portable document format in everyday life but not everyone is able to enjoy all the benefits. This happens because users either don’t know or don’t want to know about new technological features. It is hard to track all innovations if you are not engaged in this sphere. But such knowledge becomes more or less inevitable since the world goes paperless, and we are forced to keep pace with it. That is why website completepdfsolutions.com has made a guide for you about what functionality modern PDF solutions propose to their users, and how you can apply them in everyday life.

Customize Any Text Using PDF Solutions

The basic features that many portable document format editors include:

  1. Erase the existing text.
  2. Add your text to the document.
  3. Change font, size, and color of the content; adjust its style by making it bold, italics or underlined.
  4. Insert additional pages or delete the unnecessary ones.
  5. Attach pictures to the file.
  6. Add graphical objects such as geometric figures. Some editors provide a drawing panel with a palette of colors.
  7. Customize the file by putting circles, checkmarks, and criss-crosses anywhere on the page.
  8. Comment the text elements with the help of annotations that you stick to the page.

This set of tools makes your personal document management easier. When you received or downloaded a PDF, there is no need to convert it to the Word format to make changes. You can start working on the file at once. This works well for studying materials and research papers. Format your work according to your needs and share with your supervisor.

Create Official Papers with PDF Solutions

Some programs for PDF management allow their users to draw up and submit such instruments as real estate agreements, sales contracts, construction agreements, patient intake forms, and tax forms. Here is how employers can prepare forms W-2 and 1099 and then file them to the IRS:

  1. Download a blank to the editor and add fillable fields. They are interactive fields allowing the recipient to insert information without document editing. Some PDF solutions already have their own library with a template fillable form.
  2. Share the template via email with the recipient(s) requesting to complete and sign the form.
  3. The recipient provides the information and puts an electronic signature. Such a signing type is totally legal according to the ESIGN Act 2000. Yet, make sure that the PDF solution you have chosen is eligible to provide e-signature service.
  4. Once the sample is ready, the last step left is to electronically submit it to the IRS.

The same way you can work with other instruments in different fields and make your workflow paperless. Stay with Complete PDF Solutions to know more about new trends and features.