PDF: Best Solution for Document Management

Portable Document Format is rightfully one of the most widely used ones in the world. It was designed in the 90s of the last century by Adobe and has been continuously developed since then. The file was supposed to contain text, images, vector graphics, video etc. But in present days, it can include more types of content such as annotations, interactive elements, fields, layers, 3D objects and many more.

In 2008 PDF format was recognized as an international standard by International Organization for Standardization and received number 32000-1:2008. PDF files are supported by the following programs: Adobe Reader, Evince, Preview, Xpdf, KPDF, Foxit, Okular, epdfview, Ghostscript and products alike. The files are independent of the program used to open them; they will have the same look regardless of the device utilized.

Why you should Choose PDF Solutions for your Business

  1. The key advantage of the portable format is that it preserves any content as it was originally created. You can share the document millions of times, send it to numerous users, and the format will be quite the same as you have created it. If you send out a file in doc. format, for example, the pages can move, because different recipients may have different versions of a text editor such as MS Word and may have other parameters of the system. With PDF, the addressee opens the file from mail and prints it out not worrying about possible formatting moves.
  2. You can convert into PDF all Microsoft formats such as doc., cvs., ppt., as well as jpg.
  3. It saves memory by compressing its elements and maintains high quality at the same time.
  4. It is secure since the user can protect the file with a password and restrict undesired viewing of it. In such a way, confidential and sensitive information remains hidden and safe.
  5. You can embed any content into the document apart from the text. That means that if you want to file an important paper such as tax form W-2 or 1099, you need to use a PDF file with available fillable fields, where you enter your information and submit it in the same format.
  6. It’s perfect if you want to archive it because of the compact compression of the data.
  7. PDF document uses data encryption which means that data containing in the file can safely travel through the Internet.
  8. This format is so popular that it can be opened from any operating system and device, whether it is a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.